Monday, December 17, 2007

Digging Out!

It's still 4 days until winter actually begins, but with the way it looks outside it's made an early arrival. We had another snow storm, check that N'orestah yesterday. I'm not complaining though. I love the fact that we're going to have a white christmas. I do wish though that it was a little warmer. Jordan really wanted to go out and play in the snow today, as did I, it just was soooo cold and I knew if we went out we both would've gotten cold very quick.
So, I have to tell you the highlight of my day yesterday. Darric had me stop at the hardware store to pick up liquid electrical tape, which I had never heard of and niether did the kid at the hardward store. Darric did say if they didn't know what it was then to ask for, now this is where I couldn't remember what he had called it. It was Whip it and......."Whip it and what. Well, it's tape, stick it. Yeah that's it. So, there I was in the hardware store, hadn't taken a shower, wearing a baseball cap asking for Whip it and stick it. Oh if you could of seen the look on this kids face. Then when I got home and told Darric the story he laughed for a minute and then corrected me by saying it's Whip it and dip it. Not that that makes much of a difference. I still would've felt silly.

So I caught Jordan counting to himself today. First it was "Weady, One, Two, Fwee Goooooo!" Then I heard. "One, Two, Fwee, Seven, eight, nine, tennnnnn!" He amazes me more and more every day. At this moment that I'm writing he just brought out a toy that was repeating a word "Wa, wa, wa, wa, wa, wa, wa, wa, wa." "Battaies, momma, bowkin." How does he know this stuff? Hopefully this means he's getting his smarts from his daddy and that he won't be caught in a hardware store someday asking for Whip it and stick it.

So, I need a little help. Right now we're currently using Dial up. People PC to be exact. And IT SUCKS! We've been looking for a good Broadband service, that's affordable, but our options are limited because we live in east bum. We could get Time Warner, but I've heard some negative things about them. We could get HIgh speed through our satellite company, but it's outragious. I checked into GWI and Vonage and I'm leaning towards one of them, if they're available to us, haven't got that far yet. So, what do you have for ISP? And are you happy with who you've got?

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