Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 4 Picture = Perfect Ending to a Perfect Weekend

What a great weekend we had, busy but great. Friday night we headed 2 hours south to stay with Darric's sister. Her and her family will be leaving in a couple of months to be restationed in Italy. We're going to miss them so much, so we had a great visit, including being part of Gary's reinlistment into the Navy. I thought it was weird that they have to literally take you out of the Navy in order to put you back in. Hunh. Beautiful day and got some beautiful pictures. At the end of the day when I was reviewing all the pictures I had taken, I was bummed to find out that not one picture got taken of 'us' as a family. My own fault, but still bummed about it.
Saturday night we headed almost 2 hours west to stay with my dad and his girlfriend Denise. We had a great stay, and Jordan sure loves his Papa Rutter.
Usually after a weekend away, I'm so glad to just sit in the vehicle and not say a word. Even though Jordan does always do a great job at somebody elses home I'm so tired of being constantly on him to "don't touch that Jordan," and "Jordan, what do you need to say?" ect. ect. so it was nice to have a nice quiet ride home.


Kristin.... said...

Awesome picture. I too love visiting with people, but hate being on constant high alert. It's exhausting!

Maine Mom said...

Sounds like a fun and exhausting weekend! I love looking at my kids when they are asleep in the car. They look so peaceful...and worn out!