Saturday, October 04, 2008

Elephants and Tigers and....oh my!

OK so it's October 4th, that gives me 26 days till Halloween. The last couple of years I've waited till the last minute to get Jordan a costume and just ended up getting him the best thing that I could find that was left at Walmart. Dummy me, I could have started early and come up with something really creative and different to really get people talking. Instead he was a pumpkin, a witch and last year a monkey that didn't look like a monkey. I figured this year was my last chance to come up with my own idea like a hunter(to impress his daddy) or a zombie or beaker or I don't know a Rubik cube or something. Instead the kid has apparently grown his own mind and is set on the idea that he wants to be an elephant. Why an elephant, I don't know. Then the other day he exclaims that he wants me and daddy to be tigers. So not only am I going to have to find an adorable elephant costume to make up for the past not so adorable years, I also need to find halfway decent tiger costumes for Darric and I. Maybe we'll just draw whiskers on our faces.

So, what are you being for Halloween?

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