Sunday, January 20, 2008

*Saw a new movie this weekend, 'Evan Almighty', ahhh, I don't think I would really recommend it though. It was cute, but a little dumb as well. The plot line: God (Played by Morgan Freeman, wouldn't have been my first choice) contacts a newly elected congress man, Evan Baxter (played by Steve Carell) and asks him to build an ark. Evan's transformation of appearance and being pursued by eager animals are the main areas of humour here, which means at times the film is thin on the ground. If you're looking for a movie of 100 minutes of easy going fun then this is the movie to see, but if you're wanting a movie that will make you laugh out loud don't be counting on this one to satisfy you there.
*Got to catch up with some old friends this weekend. Sunday morning we got together with friends from camp. It was so great that all the seasonal campers made it to the breakfast. It was held at a local Knights of Columbus halls, which was a first for me, but wow, they can serve up a nice, hot, delicious meal. Getting together got everyone in the mood for the camping season...everyone except me of coarse.
I also got together with an old, but very close friend for lunch on sunday. This friend and I have somewhat grown apart over the years and has caused some hard feeling for me, but I think now I've come to realize that these things can happen sometimes and happen more often then I think for.
We're ending our weekend I'm sure as many other Mainer's and New Englander's are. Watching the Pats Game. Daddy and Jordan are wearing their matching Tom Brady jersey's (for luck). It's halftime and the Pats are up 14 to 9. GO NEW ENGLAND!!!!!!!

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