Monday, February 11, 2008

And Monday's here already???

Is it me or did it just seem like Friday 3 days ago....oh wait it was. Why is it that we all, or most, love fridays because the weekend is here, but if you think about it, it's just that much closer to Monday again. A co-worker recently shared that you shouldn't dwell on wishing for the weekend because then you're just wishing the days away of your life and I think he was right...but I still hate Mondays and I wish it was Friday already!
Can you tell I'm having a Monday? It's not the worst of Mondays, I guess I just feel like I didn't have a weekend. Saturday was the usual house cleaning, with a broken vacuum cleaner might I add, but don't get me started on that. Saturday night I had to work. And I don't mind working weekends really. It's easy, I'm one of the few in the building so I can get some work done without getting interupted, and the people that are with me are the coolest and let's just say they're the type of people that make work enjoyable. But, I was at work and not with my boys.

Sunday we went snowmobiling. This was the funnest part of my weekend. We went about 80 miles (that's not a lot for us, we usually do 100-150) for those reading this that know the area, we went from Newport to Dover-Foxcroft. We were going to attempt Greenville, but had a sled break down and that took some time away from us so we had to cut it short. It was still an enjoyable ride. Nice trails and because it was snowing, it was so pretty everywhere. I haven't got brave enough to bring my nice camera with me on the trails, so I don't have pictures, sorry.

Last night it had just started snowing out and it was also kind of nice out so I decided instead of getting some laundry and dishes done, and putting supper off for a little while we played in the snow. And Jordan and I (mostly I) made his first snowman.
Oh we had so much fun. It was funny to watch Jordan's expression as the snowman came alive as we gave him some hands, eyes and a nose, and somewhat of a mouth.
So, you're now probably wondering why I'm having such a case of the Mondays. I'll tell you why. It just sucks that I have to work really. I love work and I love the people I work with, well most of them, but I hate HATE having to leave my son with someone else to watch him, especially since I didn't get to see him much this weekend. And today I realized that Jordan never went through the stage of crying when I left, maybe he will eventually, but I don't see it happening. Most times he seems happy when I leave him. "Bye, Momma," as he pushed me out the door. I guess I just want him to miss me. I want him to be a Momma's boy. His grandmother sees him more then I do and I worry he's going to start thinking of her as a mother instead of me. Last night when we picked him up from his grandmothers he was playing and fell and I immediatly picked him up, but he didn't want me....(sigh) he wanted Grammie to kiss his boo-boo. He also favors Darric more often then me. From the first words out of his mouth in the morning "Daddy, oh daddy," to whenever the phone rings he insists that it's Daddy and he MUST talk to him. I know it's a sin to be jealous of others, but I feel as a mother shouldn't I get the appreciation from my own 2 year old? I am the one who gets up with him all hours of the night, I feed him, I give him his baths, I dress him, I read him stories, I spent very long hours of pain in labor with him after carrying his body inside me for 9 months and living with heartburn, jimy leg, being totally uncomfortable and not being able to consume alcohol or even coffee for that long.......RIGHT?
Well, I know I just need to make it through the day and everything will be alright. When I walk through the door tonight I'll be greeted with a great big bear hug. It's still early yet and I know my day will be complete when I hear Jordan's new favorite phase as we put him to bed:

Mom & Dad: "Night Jordan, see you tomorrow."

Jordan: "Night, momma & daddy, see ya tomorraw, wuv ya, proud ya."

Mom & Dad: (laughing) Love ya Jordan, Proud o ya."

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