Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I know isn't it cool? I made a new blog header graphic, up there...see it? I'm pretty proud of myself really. I was going to have someone else make one for me and I googled all kinds of sites, but then I said to myself "self, you work with photoshop all the time, just make one yourself, that way it'll be the way you want it." So I did and I LOVE IT! So the conversation going at my work now, after showing them my new blog header is coming up with captions for what we think Bubba (the dog) is thinking. I'll let you come up with a few of your own before I tell you what we came up with.

In other news, yesterday was the one year anniversary of Darric's major back surgery. Yup, it's been a year. Last year at this time I was sitting in a hospital room playing suduko by my husbands side while he slept and every half hour moaned because he was in so much pain. I'll never forget seeing him in so much pain. I'm the type of person who loves to watch those Discovery shows that show actually surgerys. I can stomach any surgery on TV and I've seen tons of people in a lot of pain on Trauma: Life in the ER, but I tell you when I saw my husband for the first time after his surgery and saw how much pain he was in I was immediatly nausious. I guess it's different watching someone you don't know who's in pain, then it is seeing someone you love who's in pain.

So his back is a lot better now. It's funny, it's actually been hurting him a little this week, imagine exactly a year after his surgery and he's complaining of back pain again. No, I actually think it's due to the fact that he's doing too much. He's a typical man when it comes to being careful at what he's lifing and how he's lifting and so on. I do still constantly worry about him hurting it again and I'm also constantly reminded of the fact that he did have back surgery at the age of 27 when I see the 6 inch scar on his back. But he's now a 27 year old that can play with his son and he can pick up his son without being in total agony.

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