Saturday, February 02, 2008

Just another day...

Sorry I haven't written all week, it's amazing how hectic it can get around here sometimes. I actually shouldn't be writting now, but I'm taking a break from my saturday house cleaning, and trying to be quiet while Jordan attempts to fall asleep. Right now I can hear him in his room, tossing around in his bed, talking to himself about being a bad boy. That's been his new thing lately, he always thinks he's a bad boy. It makes me wonder what I'm putting into his head. I have been getting a little frustrated with him lately with the whole potty thing. For some reason I can not get this kid to poop on the potty. He'll pee everytime we bring him in there, although he doesn't tell us he has to go, but he won't poop for nothing. And he knows what he's done when he does go poop in his pull-ups. I've tried taking stuff away from him for the rest of the day after he poops in his pull-ups, and I've tried bribbing him to get him to go on the potty. But like I think I've said here before if only myself and my MIL are the ones really trying with him, then I can't really blame him.

So, let's wrap up my week shall we? On Monday I got flowers from my hubby. For what you ask, well the card said "Sorry for being inconsiderate, Love Darric." Let's just say last weekend we were fighting a lot, I won't bore you with the details though, I'll just tell you he was being a dink. But I got flowers and all is well now. He's no longer on my shit list. I will tell you though, sometimes I don't realize it, but I am very lucky to have Darric. After I got the flowers I found out from a couple of friends that their husbands never send them flowers. What's wrong with these men?

On Tuesday Jordan and I went over the Bangor Rec Center and had preschool play time with some new friends. I found out from my Maine Mom Site about this open gym that the rec has everyday. Jordan had such a blast and it was amazing how much it affected his mood for the rest of the day, so I told him if he was a good boy we'd start going every week. I had a blast too meeting some new mom friends.

Wednesday & Thursdays I was just straight out at work, as well as Friday. My gosh, I literally never stopped Friday. And it sucks because days like that when I get home and I actually get to spend time with Jordan and Darric I'm tired, I'm cranky and I just want to go to bed. Last night I felt bad because I hadn't seen Jordan all day, so since it was Friday I let him stay up until 10:00 and snuggle with us on the couch and watch Caatoons.

Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow. GO PATS!!!
I think we're going to stay at home, possibly have some friends over to eat chinese food and watch the game. My predictions for the game are 28-13 Patriots of coarse. I hope you all enjoy the game if you plan to watch.


Maine Mom said...

If only there was a magic age when our children would automatically transition from going to the bathroom in their diapers to going in the potty. It would be so much easier!

Thanks for mentioning the Maine Moms site. I've never heard of it and I'm excited to check it out. I live in Bucksport, do you live in Bangor? It would be fun to meet, especially since our sons are close in age. :-)

Kristin said...

Hi! I saw your blog thru Maine Mons. I have started my own as well....

hope you'll visit. Your son is adorable!