Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Here's to the Fourth member of our Family

Don't worry, nothing's wrong with Bubba, besides a broken heart. A broken heart from being neglected and from losing a close friend whose practically been a mother to him. Bubba's pal, neighbor, soulmate, whatever you want to call her, Mindy (Darric's mother's dog) had to be put down tonight. We've been noticing that over the past couple of weeks Mindy hasn't been acting herself. She's been moaping around, she wasn't eating which was making her loose weight and she was looking real thin, and today Darric's mom took her to the vet and they said she was just full of cancer, so they put her down. Mindy Sue was 13.....

Now I'm feeling really bad for Bubba. Bubba was our baby before our baby. She use to be able to get up on the furniture, heck she use to sleep with us, under the covers. Now the thought of that grosses me out. Now bubba is just a dog, who scritch, scritch scritches up and down the floors and sheds everywhere and acts super needy and obnoxious all the time. I still love our Bubba James, how could you not, I mean just look at that pathetic beagle face, I just don't have a shred of patience for him. After a long day of toddler-wrangling, I cannot stand to have one more creature doing something annoying nearby. If he's licking himself, I howl to stop; if he's padding around the kitchen, I yell for him to GO LAY DOWN . Then Jordan imitates me: "Bubba go lay down, WIGHT NOW." Shaking his little finger at him, while he wags his tail apologetically, unsure what all the fuss is about.
Oh, Bubba. I'm sorry I've been impatient, that we haven't shown you the attention you deserve. I'm sorry you're getting old and you don't have the energy you use to. I'm sorry lately the only attention you get is from a toddler who likes to chase you around the living room on his 4 wheeler and pull on your ears as you try to sleep. I'm sorry you've just lost a dear friend very close to your doggy heart. I promise I'll be more nice to you. I promise that in the very near future (when it gets warmer out) that they'll be tennis balls, beggin' strips and long walks in the park. I promise.

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myfourkids said...

Poor Bubba. I hope his days get better soon.