Saturday, February 23, 2008

Highlight of my day = Vacuuming.

It's now 11:30 in our household and you should hear the silence....ahhh it's so nice. There's a sweet, innocent toddler sound asleep in the next room, a dog asleep at my feet and a husband a hundred miles away. It was boys weekend away snowmobiling and while I'm totally jealous and I do miss my hubby, well a little, it's been a nice break, but one hectic toddler wrangling day. It's so funny how I wake up with a plan of daily tasks and end the day not accomplishing half of those tasks. I think it has to do with the fact that a toddler just takes up so much of my time. Gosh, they have to eat, they have to sleep, they have to be told to use the potty, they want you to play with them, they're so demanding.
But one thing I did get accomplished today, and the reason I titled this blog the way I did is vacuuming. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a fanatic when it comes to vacuuming. I love it and I'm not satisfied with the cleanliness of my house until the vacuuming is done even if it has to be done in the middle of the night, which I've done many times before, just so it would get done. So, why was vacuuming the highlight of my day today, well for the past week and a half my vacuum has been out of service. I realized a couple weeks ago that the reason it hasn't been working well is because the brush had no bristles. So, Darric took the part into the shop and they had to special order a new brush. Well after going a week and a half without a workable vacuum cleaner (don't tell anyone, but I was desperate enough to vacuum what I could with the hose...a nightmare) the part finally came in and Darric was nice enough to put it back together before he left for the weekend. And today as I pushed down the on button and gave the sucker a push across the living room floor, oh sweet mother of god. It was amazing. Not only did if fluff up my carpet as it sucked up all the dirt, it was a total different machine then before. I use to have to use so much muscle to push it agaist the rug and it was like it was doing all the work. I just had to hold it upright. Oh how I've missed my vacuum.

I can't believe I just wrote almost an entire blog about vacuuming, am I crazy lunitic or what?

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myfourkids said...

Hey Sam! I love to vacuum too! I have a vacuum that has a light that is red when the floor is dirty and turns green when you've gotten all the dirt up~it's OBSESSIVE!
Now that my babies are FINALLY BETTER I might be able to vacuum again's pretty exciting stuff!