Sunday, March 30, 2008

Playing Catch up

Ah, Good Morning....It's a beautiful sunday morning at our house. It's currently 9:30am, Jordan is still sleeping (YES!!), Darric is out helping his father with a project he's got going on. I've got the sound of laundry going downstairs and the aroma of my french vanilla coffee is filling the room. This is my down time from my hectic week. Sorry I haven't written all week, so here's a break down of how my week went.
*Monday - Was suppose to have an Orthodontist appointment, had to cancel because I didn't have a babysitter because my grandmother was sick. Spent the morning calling everyone I knew to see if they could watch Jordan because I could not take the day off. Another reason I HATE having to work.
*Tuesday - This is my weird scheduled day, because of babysitter schedules. Spent the morning with a cranky sick child then went to work only to spend it with cranky sick coworkers. But I got to see my dad this day so that was cool.
*Wednesday - Not a good day. Got a call around 8am from Gram Betty saying we needed to get to the hospital ASAP because aunt Nancy is not doing good at all. We recently found out she has cancer in her lungs, bowels and bones. Aunt Nancy passed away later in the day with her family all around her. Aunt Nancy was Darric's aunt, his father's sister. Very sad day, but the highlight of this day was seeing how my son was able to lift everyone's spirits. Aunt Nancy will surely be missed.
*Thursday - Just a very hectic day at work. And my monthly friend decided to visit me which made me very cranky.
*Friday - Right now at work we're doing our yearly Teens Who Care Award, and I'm one of the producers. I have to make a profile video of one of the teens. My Teen is awesome this year. But imagine spending your entire day writting down everything that all the interviews said. Blah. Which makes my weekend filled with putting the actual script together. When the profile is done I'll post it here so you can see it.
*Saturday - Took Jordan to the Bangor Y Spring Fair. Had fun, but I have to say my child is a wimp, he wouldn't go on any rides, and when we finally talked him into going down the slide he cried. Then later we talked him into going on the cars that just went around in a circle. Well, he made it around once, his face immediately turned red and tears filled his little eyes. I felt like the meanest mom. But I don't get why he's such a wimp. I wonder if I was a wimp when I was a kid? I also had to work the fair at our NEWS CENTER booth, it was fun. Met some great people. We ended the day grocery shopping and spending way too much money.

That leads us to today. I've got cleaning to do, a baby shower to attend as well as a benefit supper. It's just another day in the life of me.


Kristin.... said...

your week made me tired. I think I'll go take a nap. NOPE. Twins are supposed to be napping. But all I hear is "cough cough cough" and "bang bang bang" (of the cribs against the wall). sigh

Anonymous said...

My Ryan would NOT go down even a little bitty toddler slide last year. He was scared to death. Now that he is 3, he is a super dare-devil. Things can change quickly!!