Saturday, March 22, 2008

Get off your Keaster and Have a Happy Easter!

If you google the meaning of Easter, you'd likely find that it is the celebratation of the resurrection of Jesus, which Christians believe occurred on the third day after his crucifixion around AD 33. Did you know that? I find it funny how every year the true meaning of this holiday is a little forgotten among some, myself included. This year, for some reason, I feel less like teaching Jordan about the Easter Bunny and more like teaching him about Jesus. Don't get me wrong though, "Here comes Peter Cottontail" is one of our favorites this time of year, but Mr. Cottontail will be leaving Jordan his first Bible this year, accompanied with chocolate eggs and plenty o' Peeps as well.
As a child I can remember waking up in the morning and finding our easter baskets left for us on the couch. There was always a small gift and tons of chocolate. We always dressed up in our spring clothes and went to church, then we would come back to my grandparents house and have a nice big family dinner, everyone was there, it was perfect. Now with my own little family we're starting our own traditions. Since this year is the first year that Jordan is starting to understand a little more we're finding we have to put some thought into what we are deciding to do. I stole our easter egg hunt idea from a co-worker of mine. Jordan had 10 eggs to find and each egg had a clue in it which led him to where the next egg was, for example "Go look in the machine where our dishes get clean." And the last egg led him to where his basket was. Jordan did a great job and he loved the clues. So, this is definetely going to be a fun tradition. Unfortunetely we didn't get up in time to make it to church, I feel a little disappointed in myself, I really should've got up and got moving.
Now we're heading to my grandparents house to have a nice easter dinner. It's unfortunate that a lot of the family isn't able to make it. I try not to let this get to me because every holiday is important to me because of family and I feel when some don't try as hard as they should it's just unexceptable. Someday they may regret not making family first, when that family isn't there anymore.
So, now that I've gotten all sentimental and all I just want to wish you a very Happy Easter. And on a lighter note can someone please explain to me what does bunny rabbits and eggs have in common? It's not like the bunny's lay the eggs. I don't get it????

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