Sunday, March 16, 2008

Have You Missed Me???

Well, we've been on Vacation. We didn't go to Burmuda, Florida or the Caribbean...we went to Island Falls, Maine. Just 2 hours north of where we live really. Why Island falls, well, we are Mainers and WE LOVE SNOWMOBILING!!!! Now, don't get me wrong we also would love Burmuda, Florida or the Caribbean, but this is our yearly relaxing vacation of snowmobiling. We have a timeshare at Vacationland Estates. But what is there to do up in the county you ask? Well, check out the video I made of all the fun we had and why we do love our Vacation.

So, as you can see there was plenty of fun including, swimming, hot tubbin', relaxing, eating good food and sleddin'. Now back to the real life, and back to blogging on a regular basis....I missed cha!!!


Kristin.... said...

I did miss you. Glad I could make you laugh with my crazy sock blog. If you could have seen my reaction when I found it! :)

please, blog more about vacuuming. I LOVE to vacuum you know. he he

Niki said...

Just found your blog thru Kristin's 4 kids. I'm having an online secret auction on a handmade quilt of mine. You can find the recent posts about it on my blog. Glad I found u :)HUGS

Maine Mom said...

Looks like a fun vacation! I'm glad you had a fun and safe time. The pictures were fun to look at. We do live in a beautiful state and all the activities you did look FUN! Good luck getting back to your daily routines. :-)

Kristin.... said...

It certainly says something we can you can travel 2 hours north of where you live and still be in the same state, doesn't it? :)

And Texas thinks it's all that. HA. Maybe everything is bigger and better in Maine???