Monday, April 07, 2008

30 Days of The Way Life Is

So, just for something to do, I'm going to try a little project, I know just what I need something else to keep me busy, we'll see how it goes. My project is called 30 days of The Way My Life Is! I got this idea from a fellow blogger. I figured this was a good way for me to have something to write about everyday. Oh, what is it exactly? Well, I'm going to write everyday with a picture that shows a highlight of my day, or describes the way my day was. Get it? Like I said, we'll see.
So, here goes.

Day 1: A Sure sign that Spring has finally sprung.
Bird Watching. We had some time before we left the house this morning to take a stroll around the yard. Jordan was amazed with all the birds he could hear. It's funny, even though it was Monday, I spilt coffee on my pants, and I had to deal with grumpy people at work I still seemed to be in a great mood. I think it had to do with the weather. I really hope it decides to stay around.


Kristin.... said...

So, did the good mood last?
I HATE when I spill my coffee. I've spilled it on the same outfit 2 or 3 times. How annoying.
Like the photo.

Rose said...

The birds are definatley a sure singn of spring.
Last week my almost 6yr old came running down form his bedroom very excitedly yelling "there are birds on our grass!" My 3 yr old piped in "Yea we can use the sprinkler soon!!"


listplanit said...

I love this idea! With children, there is SOMETHING going on every single day - so why not capture it! This project will make a very nice keepsake for the future.