Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Day 2: My Day with My Boy

Another beautiful spring day here in Maine, we're lovin' it. Another sure sign of spring, less kids being at our playgroup at the Bangor Rec, which can only mean they were at the outdoor park. Today was also our last class of Kindermusik, until september at least. We've had such a great time at Kindermusik, Jordan has learned to have patience and he really is interacting with the other kids great. Tuesday's have become our 'Special' Day. I go into work late on Tuesdays, to coordinate with the different babysitters, this allows me to spend the morning with my boy. We recently started going to the Bangor Rec department. It's an open gym for preschoolers, it's free and open to the public, anyone can go, and did I mention it's free. They have balls, hoolahoops, giant blocks, and even a slide set up for the kids to play with. Jordan really loves it and I notice that on these days he tends to have less tantrums. Now that's it's getting warmer out, we're going to start going to the outside park instead. I charish Tuesdays with My Boy

So, here's day 2 of my photo project. I took this while waiting for Kindermusik to start. It's held at the Maine Discovery Museum. Every week we can not get through the door without playing with their toy train, or stopping to see the baby shark, or the turtle, or the snake, or getting a drink at the water fountain, or counting the pigs on the wall, or...now you see why I have to show up a half hour early.


Kristin.... said...

Oh very cool! Our town has a Wednesday morning program that's only $.50 per child. I used to take Drew, but now with the twins, I just don't have enough arms. Plus, they don't clean the toys and my girls like to gnaw on things.

Maine Mom said...

I like this idea of blogging about a picture that was the highlight of the day.

The Spring weather has been SO nice! It is just a little piece of heaven when my kids go outside to play in the afternoon. :-)

My children LOVE the children's museum! I wish we could get there more often. That's neat that you're taking a Kindermusik class there with your son.

Amy said...

I'm glad you liked Kindermusik. I've been thinking about signing my twins up for a class. I think they'll love it!

Anonymous said...

*OH how I wish for a second vehicle.* I'd be hauling my two there as well!