Sunday, April 13, 2008

Remembering Sgt. Nicholas Robertson

Please forgive for skipping a couple days of my picture project. I will continue it very, very soon. I'm going to take today's post to recognize and remember a friend. Sgt. Nicholas Robertson was killed on April 3rd while serving in Afganistan. I was in the band with Nick and we graduated together. I remember Nick real well as being a quiet kid, he was awesome at the drums and I can still see his face as he played. He was a good looking guy that I didn't really know him real well, but now wish I had. Over the past week we've done a couple stories on Nick here at Channel 2. I brought in my yearbook and I even found video of Nick playing his drums. It was kind of hard for me to look at his pictures and have to make preproduction elements out of them. Over the past 7 years that I've worked in TV I've done tons and tons of preproduction pictures of mug shots, dead soldiers, but this one I really had a hard time with. This one hit home. Never had I dreamed I would have to take a picture of someone that I knew, write their name beside it and know that it was going to be broadcasted due to his death. I can't imagine if I ever had to do this with a close family member.
Everyday I've been thinking of Nick and his family. What they must be going through, what any soldier's family must go through. I wonder what Nick was like after high school, what he was like in the army. If he kept close contact with any of his friends and if he had a girlfriend at the time of his death. I didn't get to make it to Nick's wake or funeral, but I know where he is buried and I may just make a visit.
My deepest sympathies go out to Sgt. Nicholas Robertson's family. And my prayers go out to all the soldiers in this war that I now believe more than ever should be over!!

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