Thursday, June 05, 2008

Big Step

Wasn't it just yesterday that Jordan was learning to walk, didn't he just start saying Momma and Dadda? Well, it may seem like it was yesterday, but today I'm realizing that when people tell me the time flies right by with a kid, they are so right. I just got back from signing Jordan up for Preschool, which he will be starting in the fall. Big Sigh! Now I know he's going to do just fine, we've visited there many a times due to the fact that my MIL works there, and every time he'll go off on his own and play with the kids, it's me that's going to have a hard time with this. Before Jordan was born I swore I would never put him in daycare...I worked in a day care right out of high school and many of the teachers didn't give a rats about the kids, they didn't pay attention to them and the environment that I saw there was not an environment that I wanted to my child in. Lucky for us we've been able to have family watch Jordan. With my mom, Darric's mom, my grandmother and Darric's sister we were able to feel safe leaving Jordan with them, and it has saved us a ton of money. Well, we now feel it is time for him to get out and socialize with others who are under the age of 24. So, September 2nd is going to be one tough day for me. I don't know how I'm going to make it through the day. At least I've got a little time to prepare.
Now that's giving that Jordan is completely Potty trained by then as well, that's one of their major rules. So, in the last couple of days I've been sticking to my guns and really pushing it...and for the last 2 nights Jordan has pooped on the potty! Can I get a Hell-yeah! Keep your fingers crossed for us because I've got just a little over 2 months.


Kristin.... said...

WOOHOO! Drew is also potty trained so that is awesome news for you.

I cried when Drew started preschool this year. And Meg was in 1st grade, so it wasn't new for me! And I'm sure next year I'll cry when the twins start preschool....maybe tears of joy though!

Maine Mom said...

Jordan starts preschool the same day Eleanor starts Kindergarten...I'll be thinking of you. :-)

Yay for Jordan pooping on the potty! May the pooping and peeing on the potty continue. :-)

Anonymous said...

OH YAY FOR JORDAN! Ry is hanging out with some bigger kids now that he just adores, so I'm hoping they rub off on him in the potty arena. :-)