Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dad, you may want to skip this one!

Sometimes I just need to learn to keep my mouth shut. If you missed The Today Show on Tuesday morning, then you missed this crazy story about the couple that challenged themselves to have sex for 101 days...yeah, I did say have sex for 101 DAYS! I know, they're crazy. And oh yeah, he wrote a book about it. How could he not.

The whole time I was watching this story, I was either laughing or saying out loud 'crazy.' The reason I was laughing was for the simple fact that yeah you had sex for 101 days, and you're now talking about it on National television. And I can only imagine what Ann Curry was thinking as her eyes appeared to be popping out of her head the whole time, let alone the rest of America. If you go on to read the comment section beware, they've got some braggers on there, that apparently having sex for 101 days is nothing to them because their record seems to be 1000 times a year. Blah, blah, blah!
So, here's where I learned my lesson though. Because I thought the story was so comical, I decided to email the link along to my husband, stating check out these crazy people. Well, he hasn't dropped the subject since. He keeps insisting we try it, better yet because our lucky number is 7, let's do it 107 days daily. What have I done? What does he think I am, wonder woman. OK, I'll admit it, I've obviously been thinking about this too. Don't ask me why because I honestly don't think we could pull it off. I still can't figure out how this couple pulled it off (what about her period? What if you just plain didn't want to? )Today though, I even thought about starting a competition with one of our friends. Nothing crazy, but ya know how when you're on a diet and you get encouragement from your friends that are also on a diet? Kind of like that.

So what do you think, are these people crazy? Do you think it's something worth trying? One thing the couple did say it did for their relationship is that at the end of the day, it wasn't about the sex it was about the time spent together, the intimacy and isn't that really what sex is all about? Being close together and sharing your love. I think we all could use more of that. I know my life gets pretty hectic between kids, job, house, cleaning, laundry, family, etc, etc. I tend to let myself and my marriage go and get put on the back burner and it's not suppose to be this way. What about you? How do you find ways to balance out your life? I'm not totally committed to this 101 day thing yet, but I may go buy the book. Just do it


Maine Mom said...

I bet this couple is closer than ever. I don't think they are crazy for having so much sex, but I don't think I'd want to share my sex life with the world, that's crazy.
As for balance, my family comes first, including my husband, and then everything else gets included when possible. Which means not everything I'd like to happen happens, but I am content fulfilling the needs of my family and enjoying them.

Good luck with the sex goal if you decide to do it. :-)

Rose said...

I wonder if they had a definition of sex that included oral and foreplay as "sex". More of intimacy than sex.
I could see that as being completely attainable as long as nobody has to leave town for an over night or arrives late after a Girls/Boys night out. I would not want to be woken up at 1am when I have to wake up at 5am for work or kids that wake up at the crack of dawn.
If their life is missing so much intimacy that they needed to make a "pact" to do this then things have strayed pretty far.
Most people I know(myseelf included) see and are intimate enough with spouses that this is not something necessary to spark it up again.
I bet men think they could do it, but their commitnment to it will fall off sooner than a womans. They are tired after family and work commitments too.