Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's New?

Well, we had a great father's day, despite the dreary weather, Jordan and Daddy made the best of it and went fishing. A first for Jordan, a thrill for Daddy!

Due to the newest trick by Mr. Jordan of climbing out of his crib, it was a must that we do the Ole' bed changaroo. As you can see, he's some happy, and he loves his bed...even though he's been ending up in ours by mid morning.

Heck, why not go full tilt and make him a complete big boy by really pushing the potty training with big boy underwear. You can read our progress, or lack there of, here.

And I got a new hair cut. Not sure how I like it yet, still trying to figure that one out.

So, what's new with you?


list mama said...

Your haircut looks great! Big boy bed and big boy pants? It is an exciting time, isn't it? They go through so many changes in those first couple of years. Now my baby (is 3) and has no more components of babyhood.


Erin said...

LOVE the haircut. I'm thinking about doing something similar and it looks so good on you, I think you inspired me. Now I need a whole month to work up the guts.

A big boy bed looms in our future too. You'll have to report back on how he likes it!

Kristin.... said...

Big boy pants are good. I read your other blog post and I can tell you that we went thru that phase with Drew, so we just stopped the potty training totally. When HE approached us asking for the big boy pants again, then we started up and he is pretty well done with the potty training ( just a few accidents here and there). Sometimes, unfortunately, we have to wait for them to be ready.
Love your haircut!

Maine Mom said...

I love your haircut! It looks great and it's a nice summer cut. :-)

Jordan sure is becoming a big boy! He looks very proud.

We are getting excited here for our new little boy. If only the baby could come out without the pain, though! I'm all for epidurals, but my last one wasn't a great one and having a needle poked in my back isn't all that fun either. So yes, I am excited AND nervous.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the hair!!! YAY! And *sigh*...they do grow up so quickly...