Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where have I been you ask?

When I was a kid (teenager) and I would write in my personal journal, as all teenage girls do right, I would start most entries with "Sorry I haven't written in awhile" as if I was apologising to someone. I wrote this because I was a big slacker when it came to writing down my thoughts of the day. I would've rather talked on the phone for more hours or write my thoughts on my closet wall. So, when I sit back and look at how well I've done with this blog, I'm quite proud of myself, aren't you proud of should be. But this week, yeah hasn't been a good week to be proud of. I've kind of let my blog sit on the back burner as I attend to other things like caring for a toddler, cooking for a husband and actually getting work done at work. I know, how dare me.
You should feel lucky that I haven't blogged this week though because I've been a bit of a crank-butt. For those of you who know, it's that time of year. The time of year where we pack up all our clothes, all our food, all our really good movies, board games, lawn chairs, the boat, kayak, 4wheeler and whatever else I can grab and head upta camp! This is the time of year when I feel truly like a Maineah! 6 years ago we bought a 32 foot, 5Th wheel camper and went camping for a month, then we decided that we liked it so much that the following year we went for 3 months, the whole summer in other words. Back then, B.C. as I like to call it (before child), it was great, but by the beginning of the 3rd month I was ready to be at home. 2 months was enough of taking camper showers and shitting in a camper toilet then I needed, but being a good wife and knowing how much my husband loved it, I dealt with it.

Jordan was born in August, so we were upta camp when I went into labor. No big deal, but it became a big deal after Jordan was born and I really didn't want to be there and pretty much sheltered myself to the camper. I never left, I barely showered. I wanted to be in my home setting while I tried to figure out the early days of becoming a mother.

Since then, by the time the middle of May rolls around and we start talking about camping I can feel myself wanting summer to be over with already. Pretty sad huh? Darric and I have compromised, we still bring the camper at the end of May, spend memorial day there setting up and stuff, but we don't actually move there until the month of July, or the week before so we can prepare for The 4Th of July. And then we usually spend a little of time there in August. I still dread it though. I don't know why because honestly I do enjoy myself for the most part. We go boating, 4wheeling, kayaking, and there's family and close friends all around us. It's just become more of a pain in the butt I think because we don't have the time that we use to have BC, and we both work more now, and we get tired easier. I've tried trying to talk myself into being positive about the whole thing, I think of the pros rather than the cons, but for example last night at midnight as I was finishing up packing and I was dead tired out of my mind and as I looked at my peaceful spoiled rotten,unappreciative sleeping husband, I couldn't help but think THIS SUCKS! Excuse me while I spout off a little bit, but if he's the one that wants to do the camping shit shouldn't he be helping out a little more, or at least staying up with me to keep me company and make me feel a little appreciative. Yeah I know he's also busy with his work and trying to start up a business and all, but not only do I have to get the stuff ready for camp, I still have to keep up with the housework, I have a 40 hour job myself and remember that kid we've got. Yeah, he's almost 3 and he's very demanding and needy of my attention. And this year is going to be the worst I fear because in the month of August we've not only got our High School Reunion, but I'm in the midst of planning a 50Th Wedding Anniversary Party and at the same time making a video for it. Plus with gas prices...need I say anymore.....*sigh*

OK, I'm done! I'm over it. This morning I was kind of bitchy with Darric, oh and he knew why, and afterward, after I was at camp, after everything was put away and I got to sit for a moment and look at the calm lake and visit for a moment with family I kind of felt bad. It'll be OK. I'll make it through the summer. I'll have fun, most importantly Jordan will have fun. All will be fine.

Then next year will come and we'll go through this all over again. Obla dee, obla daa!


Kristin.... said...

I am not a camping person,much to my husband's chargrin. I am glad I don't have all of that to deal with. It's just not my cup of tea. I figure since he doesn't like the ocean (can you believe it?) I don't have to like camping.

And GEEZ, you probably went right by my house.....I only live 2 miles off Exit 63. :)

Maine Mom said...

For the record, I think we all go through writing phases. I'm sure you have been super busy getting ready for camp, plus doing everything else you do everyday. I would be venting, too! I'm glad everything is set up now and you can enjoy the summer at camp. :-)