Wednesday, August 20, 2008

3 Years Old

So I started planning out a special blog entry for Jordan's third birthday about a month ago. I had this great idea to putting together a nice little video montage, being as I'm in the video biz, but time and technology has worked against me. Suck! So, just pretend this post contains a lovely video showing my son's miraculous leaps of development from his two year old stage (tantrummy, cranky and most of the time smiling) to his current three-year-old stage (tantrummy, cranky and most of the time smiling), with fancy transitions and shit.

Jordan's birthday was last Sunday. Hey, I know I'm a little late but let's not forget that I'm a working mother and all. Geez! We had a bit of a hard time planning this years celebration. I was all celebrated out after The 50Th Anniversary Party and The Reunion, that I just wanted to stay home, eat lots of cake, watch my son open a couple of gifts, eat some more cake and be merry. But because we're in the days of satisfying all parties involved (grandparents I mean) we pushed ourselves and rented a party room at The Maine Discovery Museum. It was a little last minute planned endeavor and not to sound harsh, but only 2 out of the 7 kids showed up that we invited. I wasn't very happy. I felt sorry for my child who was actually starting to understand what a birthday was and just wanted to celebrate it with everyone. But, he did have lots of fun and the 2 kids that did show up are his best friends. So, we didn't stay home, but we celebrated, watched our kid open gifts and of coarse ate some cake. Mmmm Cake!
It has been a trying, exhilarating, amazing, difficult, and unforgettable three years since Jordan entered our lives. I feel like we've climbed Mt. Katahdid a thousand times over, and the view is ever changing, more marvelous than the day before, but the terrain never gets any easier. I think I have learned the most over the past year and I know we have completed one of the hardest milestones (so-far) just in the past months, as Jordan has finally become potty trained.
3 years ago was when we first met. I still can remember the first look into your eyes and feeling as though I already knew you. The first words out of my mouth "Hi Baby J" and that nickname still sticks today.
The everyday things you do, Jordan, sometimes make me blink back hot stunned tears of pride. I marvel at it all because you did not receive the memo that said your development is not unique, that this is not worthy of open mouthed joy. How could we be anything but amazed by you, when you are so amazing?
I have grown, and my love for my boy has grown; it is a breathtaking thing, holy and fierce. I daydream about him, I moon, I miss him when I cannot see him. I kiss his face and feel as though I could shatter into a thousand pink balloons, just from the touch of his skin.
I want a magic wand to wave over his future, I want to whisper promises of a charmed life into his ear.
It is so big, this job of being his mommy. He is pure, innocent, he embodies a sweetness of life that we humans try to define with gods and myth. Here is my wish for his happiness, and my breath on the candle. Here is the gladness that spills from me. Here is my promise: that I will carry him with me, wherever I go. Here is my plea: that I will do right by him. These past three years have gone by so quickly. I say, stop the earth from spinning and time from passing, for just a brief moment while I sit and take it in that my son is now 3 years old.

Happy 3rd Birthday Jordan Richard

*Phrases that are italicized were taken from fellow blogger Sundry. Nobody says it like she does and I can't take full credit for these beautiful words.


Erin said...

What a sweetie! I love that smile. Happy Birthday and welcome to THREE!

Maine Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Jordan!

The at-home birthday celebration sounded perfect to me!, but I'm glad Jordan was able to have fun at the museum with two of his closest friends and his family.

Kristin.... said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! 3 is so much fun!