Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Things That Make You Go Hmmm....

While at a Maine State Fair that is. Yeah, last weekend we broke down and took Jordan to the Skowhegan State Fair. Here are some things that we saw while there.

*A child, under the age of 5, running around the fairgrounds...with no shoes on. Sigh

*A very pretty girl, wearing a black racing outfit that read "Route 69" as she handed out Pig Pooping key chains.

*A man looking the age of 80 sitting close, with his hand on the leg of a woman looking the age of 25.

*Vendors trying to sell socks.

*A guy with earring holes the size of the tires on my car.

*A girl, wearing the baggiest black pants I've ever seen. Sporting more chains then the Tour DE France. (Think about it.)

*A man, weighing probably over 300 pounds, wearing NO shirt, with a flesh beard and his protruding nipples pierced. I know, I threw up a little bit in my mouth too.

*Cows Shitting, Horses Trotting, Chickens clucking...

Pigs Sleeping

Sheep Bathing and...

Giraffe's Eating.

Gotta love a good ol' Maine State Fair. All in all we did enjoy ourselves, especially Jordan who even got brave enough to go on some rides.

And The Giraffe's were wicked AWESOME!


Maine Mom said...

Oh the things you'll see at a Maine fair! I hate the huge size of ear holes now! How can people possibly think that is attractive?
I'm glad Jordan had a fun time!

list mama said...

I wish we could have gone! We had just been to the Topsham Fair and spent $60! There was no way we could possibly have done that again. Maybe next year. I can't believe they had giraffes!