Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spent 2 days in the woods and all I came back with was these pictures

I just got back from spending 2 whole days in the great Maine Woods and the only way I can find the words to describe what it's like to somewhat live like a Redneck is by the numbers. So, here goes...

Miles of woods, dirt roads, fields and swamps I walked...Probably only 5, because...
Hours spent riding in truck with stinky, dirty minded men...20.
Mud splats on me due to riding 4wheeler through mud holes...45, 3 on my face. Awesome!
Times I had to Pee in the woods...5
Times I had to crap in the woods...None, thank god!
Pounds gained from eating unhealthy food like donuts, bologna and other junk...5
Gallons of coffee consumed to keep me going since being up since 4am...10
Piles of different animal poop saw and watched husband examine...100
Deer prints discovered...4
Coyote prints discovered...10, including a set of huge ones that seemed to scare my husband.
Bear prints discovered...2
Moose prints discovered...1,460
Birds seen and heard throughout the woods...5,667
Partridge husband attempted to shoot...2
Squirrels seen and heard...4,000
Deer seen...0
Rabbits seen...6
Moose Seen and/or shot at...NONE!

So, all that for nothing. We didn't see one friggin' moose in the 2 days that I was in those woods. Did I have fun, sure some. Did it feel worth it? Well, besides actually getting to spend some time with my husband, not really. But on a positive note, I got some nice pics.


Kelli said...

Moose: 1, Darric: 0. Yay, Moose!

Sorry. You had to know I couldn't leave this alone. =)

I could totally go for two days in the woods, though.

Anonymous said...

You are a better wife than I am. I don't think I could do that!! Props to you!!!


Kristin.... said...

Thank goodness my husband plays ice hockey. I am a city girl living in the woods. :)

Maine Mom said...

I love the last picture you posted! You are a great wife for spending time with your husband doing something he enjoys doing. You are a great example!

Now go do something this weekend that you enjoy doing. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! And good for you, going on the hunt. I am definitely an outside girl...but not to that extent, lol.