Saturday, September 20, 2008

You Might Be A Redneck

Growing up my father, my grandfather and my uncles always hunted. Whether it was deer, moose or birds, if it was fall they were mostly in the woods. It only seemed right that my husband also hunt, and besides I'd miss out on having that yummy venison in the house. If you were to come into our house and walk into our back room, which is actually the office, you would see a tan painted room with a deer wallpaper boarder. Behind the door is a deer hide. There are 2 locked gun cases mounted to the wall and you couldn't miss the 3 deer heads staring you in the face. Some women would be totally against having stuff like this in the house, me I don't mind. And while I'm not into hunting myself, I enjoy seeing how excited my husband gets when the season arrives or even more excited when he got his first Moose Hunting permit this year.

When Darric and I got together I was introduced to his best friend and his then girlfriend who is now his wife. This couple is pure rednecks and we are still good friends to this day. When we first met though they had me doing things and telling me stories that I couldn't imagine. I will never forget the time we went muddin', got stuck and while the men went to get a tow the women sat and talked, or I sat there and listened to her stories of shooting her first bear. Wow, this woman was more of a man then her husband.

Over the years the three of them have always teased me that they were going to turn me redneck and they have changed me a bit, and although I still consider myself somewhat classy I still enjoy a nice steak on the grill, a muddy 4wheel ride in the summer and a cold beer after a long day at work. Next week will hopefully be the closest to redneck that I get. Next week I will join my husband in the woods as he hunts for his first moose. You'll be surprised to know that this was my choice, but only for the reason that I couldn't pass up the chance to come along with my camera and see what the guys are like in their favorite surroundings. I'm hoping to catch on video the moment that my husband gets his moose. He will be at his all time high and I think it'll be worth it to turn my neck just a little red for this experience. But just this once.

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