Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tweeks to be made

We would like to thank everyone who voted on our business card design, it helped so much. We have a winner, which I'm sure you've figured out which one, but we are going to make some tweeks to it before printing it. Once those tweeks are done, I'll show you the finished product.
Thanks again for every one's very helpful ideas, especially the person who voted for #4. ???

In other unrelated news, our wonderful president just came on the TV talking about Hurricane IKE, and this is how the conversation went between Jordan and I:

Me: Jordan, do you know who that is?
Jordan: Um, No.
Me:That's George Bush.
Jordan: George Bush?
Me: Yup, he's our president.
Jordan: Why he our pezzident?
Me: Ummmmm, Ummmm, I'm not sure really.


Kristin.... said...

Ha! That Jordan is too much. :)

rudecactus said...

Smart kid ;)

Jodi Renshaw said...

I'm not sure either :)

Anonymous said...

You should have told him....

"...because Jordan, when you employ the democratic process, quite often the lesser is chosen.
...kinda like that business card vote there.