Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let's Play Catch-Up

Those who are part of Nablopomo are now taking part in a month long blog expedition, if you will. They are to post a blog every day for a full month. Me, I like to be different. I figured I'd do the opposite, yeah since it's been almost a month since my last post. Sorry. No, I haven't been on vacation, no I haven't been sick, I haven't even been that busy, I just really haven't felt like I've had much to say that I thought would interest you. I really don't have much to say now, but I gotta get you coming back somehow.

Jordan had school pictures a couple weeks ago. Picture this, 20 plus 3 and 4 year olds in one small classroom together, out of their realm, 2 teachers and a couple of parents primping kids and trying to keep them neat and tidy, yet keep them entertained. There was yelling, screaming, running, and yeah kios!!! Actually in the teachers defense, they really did a great job. I wouldn't have been able to keep my cool which is why I snuck out as soon as Jordan had his picture taken. Which he did great by the way. If only he would have done such a great job at Sears last spring maybe it would have been worth the $130 that I paid. I can't wait to see how they came out.

Last weekend an old best friend from high school got married. I was lucky enough to be in the wedding. The wedding was gorgeous and the day couldn't have been more perfect for Melanie and Tony. When Mel and I were in high school we were inseparable, but over the years we have grown apart. She now lives 3 hours away and our busy lives have unfortunately gotten the best of us. Spending what little time that I did with her before the wedding meant so much to me, it was almost surreal being in her mother's house that holds so many memories from the old days. I miss my best friend. You can see the beautiful pictures from the wedding, taken by Jennifer Stone, by clicking here.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week? Before we know it, it'll be Christmas and I have yet to really get a jump on my shopping. Although, this past week couldn't have gotten over any faster. Jordan had just finished an antibiotic because of a virus he had that was making him very congested and early Wednesday morning he decided to wake us up barfing all over himself and his bed. Oh, it was awful. We all finally got back to sleep and when he woke up he seemed perfectly fine, so we got ready for our day, as we were about to eat breakfast he did it again, all over my living room floor. So, needless to say we stayed home that day. Wednesday night seemed fine, until about 1am when I woke up to him throwing up beside my head...yeah in our bed. So, after cleaning that up, Darric and I slept in the living room, Jordan slept the rest of the night, woke up acting fine and he wanted to go to school, and he hasn't thrown up since (knock on wood). Then today, I noticed his nose running and his eyes have been watery all day, and tonight he insisted on me giving him medicine because his ear hurts. Does it ever end!!!

Now do you feel somewhat caught up in my life, I hope so because it's now midnight and I'm going to bed.


Maine Mom said...

I'm glad to hear from you. :-)

It is weird to think that Thanksgiving is only a few days away. I am in the process of making pies. We go out to eat on Thanksgiving, but we have to have homemade pies!

I have yet to start Christmas shopping as well.

I'm sorry to hear that Jordan has been so sick. Cleaning up vomit is NOT FUN! It really is a day to celebrate when they learn to throw up in the toilet...and actually make it there! I hope Jordan feels 100% better soon...and you and Darric stay healthy!

Swistle said...

I like November: the pressure is definitely off to post, because of all the people posting SO OFTEN.

Anonymous said...

Yay! So glad to hear an update. :) I'll be praying for Jordan...Ry was pretty sick for a day or two last week but still has a lovely lingering cough. I would SO much rather be sick than watch my kids go through it.
I can't wait to see those wedding pictures!
Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Kristin.... said...

We got the flu virus over Thanksgiving weekend.Six sick people; no fun.

Oh and come read; I've got more kids with broken bones.