Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pre-Preschool Update

Smarty Pants
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Two months ago I wrote this entry on our Maine Mom's blog about Jordan going to Pre-preschool; it's hard to believe that it's already been two months, but when I sit back and see the changes that he's made in just that short amount of time it amazes the bejeepers out of me. Last week we had our first open house at his school, oh you should have seen his face when we both walked in. He's usually use to Daddy picking him up, but when he saw both of us he was filled with so much excitement that I never thought I'd get him to sleep that night. We enjoyed the open house, he showed us some projects he'd been working on like pumpkin cutouts, some bats and his hand cut outs put onto a big bulletin wall with all the other kids to make their hands look like they were the leaves falling off the trees. He also made if very well known that he loves circle time and his favorite job is the calendar, which is when we learned that he knew all the months and days of the week.

When you ask him who his best buddy is most of the time it's Wyatt, Alex or Colby; we also hear him talking about Kassidy and Brenna a lot. Although, we've been hearing from the school lately that him and a little girl named Breanna have been seen hugging and sitting next to each other all the time. That would answer who the blond girl was following him around at the open house. Oh-oo, we're in trouble!
I don't think these past couple of months would've gone so well without Jordan having such a great teacher. He talks about Darlene all the time. In fact, most nights Darric sings 'Daddy's hands' to Jordan before he goes to sleep, the other night Jordan was signing 'Darlene's hands' to himself. I told her, I think it made her day. But when you have a teacher who is as nurturing as she is, it really makes a difference and I hope she knows how much it is appreciated.
So, he's eating good, sleeping good, sharing good, and listening most of the time, now if we could just work on his aim into the potty maybe we wouldn't have to replace that wall that he's watered so many times.


Anonymous said...

I loved watcing the video of Jordan. You can hear his accent when he says the months...too cute!And the "eleven-teen" was adorable. Sounds like he has learned a lot in just a couple months.


Patty said...

He's growing up too quick but he's awful cute and very smart.


Kelli said...

He is SO your son. And SO from Maine! =) I love the hat, and eleventeen is my favorite number.

Maine Mom said...

Cute AND smart! :-) I'm glad he's doing so well in preschool.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my dratted computer won't let me watch the video. But oh my, he's growing up, right!? I think all I did in preschool was color, lol!