Monday, October 20, 2008

My Escape

It's Monday night which means The Hills on MTV is on my TiVo record list. Yes, I'll admit to it, I'm a tad bit addicted to this drama filled reality show about this group of rich, pretty girls who spend their days working at their really cool jobs like fashion institutes and Sony Records. When they're not working they're at the gym or hanging by the pool/beach with their hunky guy friends. Sometimes on the weekends they head to Las Vegas or Cabo.
This past weekend I didn't leave my house. On Saturday I got woken up at 7:30 by a snotty nose 3 year old who insisted on watching cartoons. Needless to say, our breakfast of waffles was spent with Steve on Blues Clues. Then it was off to do chores. Laundry, vacuuming, and bed changing all while trying to keep the kid entertained because Steve only lasts so long. Lunch time came where I got to have the uneaten crust from a peanut butter and j, Mmmmm. Nap time, oh but wait, my only me time of the day was spent picking up all the toys that got strewed all over the house, then oh wait, what's that smell, oh yeah I better take a shower while I've got a chance. Nap time over and it was then getting late in the day, I better start getting supper ready. Threw chicken on the George Foreman and attempted to teach a toddler how to peal apples for an apple pie. Ate supper, cleaned up, carved pumpkin and tried to keep my patience with toddler as he wanted to do it all by himself, then we played with matchbox cars on living room floor til my legs feel asleep, fought with toddler to get jammies on, read Goodnight Moon 3 times and then insisted that was it 'Time For Bed, I said!' Got woken up at 2am by toddler with an earache, spent the rest of the night in the rocking chair.
Woke up Sunday with a stiff neck, toddler has now recovered and seems to be back to his cartoon watching, energy filled self. It's big time cleaning day at our household. Dusting, window washing, tub scrubbing and walls to be wiped down. The aroma of Moose Roast fills the house throughout the day and sweet pumpkin chocolate chip cookies by the evening. By the time this day is over, I'm ready to go back to work just to get out of the house and relax.
On tonight's episode of The Hills, Audrina and Lauren are sitting by the pool in their skimpy bikini's talking about if Audrina should stay with Justin or go for Corey. Rough life. Darric often asks me how I can watch this show. He thinks it's just a show about rich bitches who 'Oh ma Gawd, I totally have to go shopping before I can go out to the clubs tonight. For Reeaall!' Well yeah, he's right, but I think of it as a way to bring me back to my younger days.
Now I'm not saying I don't enjoy my life as it is now and don't take what I said about my past weekend the wrong way. I honestly get so much joy out of having a clean house and putting a home cooked meal on the table for my family. There's just something in me that wishes I could escape some days and live the lives of Lauren, Audrina, Whitney and Heidi. To eat out at Sushi restaurants in LA, go shopping and easily spend $1,000 or just have their size 0 bodies. I know I'll never have that life, nor would I want it on a regular basis, but dreaming once a week never hurt anyone huh?
Well, here's some pictures from my weekend anyways.

Not bad for my first apple pie huh? You should've tasted it. Mmmm Good!

Happy Halloween too by the way!


Anonymous said...

Totally get you on the blog. Life is good! Through all the normalcy, even. But a little escape is good for you too. :) Great pictures-cool pumpkins!

Kristin.... said...

I love the pics. We'll be carving pumpkins this weekend. I think.