Friday, January 30, 2009

Thinking Chair

Jordan was not even one year old when he started watching Blue's Clues. I use to plant him in his swing in front of the TV, in order to get my housework done. And if Steve, or what I know as the dorky cute guy, and the blue puppy, which I thought was a boy dog until recently, would come on and Jordan would get that look on his face. It was then that Blue became another familiar face around our house. We had about 3 different stuffed dogs, 4 outfits resembling the dorky cute guy in the green stripped shirt, a play set containing all the characters from the show and so many books I lost count. And let me just say that Jordan had quite the 'blue' face after eating his cake on his first birthday.
As much as I even enjoyed Blue's Clues, I figured that one day he would grow out of it. I always thought that most kids did. I was always under the impression that kids went through stages and did their rounds of cartoon characters.
This past Christmas was our most enjoyable so far with Jordan. It was the first year we could really have fun with the whole Santa thing. So, it became apparent that Jordan had not grown out of Blue's Clues, when all he asked Santa for was a 'Thinking Chair.' Which for those who have never seen the show is a red chair that Steve sits in to figure out Blue's Clues. It's also the chair that Steve sits in to get the mail. It's a huge part of the show in other words and Jordan pretty much told Santa that he just had to have one. So 'Santa' began searching for a thinking chair. $100 was the cheapest Santa could find one for, and Santa's budget was a little slim this year, so he held off. As Christmas got closer and still no thinking chair available in our price range Santa started feeling a little worried. How could he let a good little boy down, but unfortunately that had to be the case. He tried to make it up to him by getting him a Handy Dandy Notebook, but the look on Jordan's face told that it just wasn't the same.
Christmas has come and gone, but the search for the right priced thinking chair continued. And...thanks to Darric's new favorite site (eBay) the now very popular thinking chair arrived last Wednesday.

I have never seen Jordan so excited. Wow, what a little red chair can do to a kid. He sits in it in the living room, in his room, and he'd bring it to potty with him if I let him, and I'm surprised he doesn't want to sleep in it.
So, although it was smaller than I had thought it was going to be and I still think we paid a little too much for a foam chair, what we paid for was the joy that our son got out of it and it was well worth it.


Sarah said...

That's adorable. When my brother and I were in middle school we used to watch that show in the summer when we were bored and we found it absolutely hilarious. I was always particularly fond of mr. salt and mrs. pepper and their french accents. I hope they're still on the show!

Maine Mom said...

Jordan looks so happy with his "thinking chair"! I'm glad you found one. It's exactly like ours. I hope we are able to sell ours on e-bay when we are done with it. :-)

Samantha said...

Sarah - Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are still on the show, they've expanded their family as well with Paprika and Cinnamon. :)

Maine Mom - You should have no problem selling your chair on eBay we found tons, and be prepared to ask for a lot because supposidly they are a hot item, and a collectors item.

Anonymous said...