Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh, Gimme a Break

Even though I'm half asleep right now, I am bound and determined to update. Now, don't worry all's well that is well, I've just been either crazy ass busy or down right too tired to post. But I'm back once again; gee how many times have we heard that before?

If I were daring enough I'd write down everything on my mind right now, but then we'd end this post and you all would be looking into your computers with mouths wide open, and I'm not stupid enough to post personal stuff that could hurt me rather than help me, so we'll just keep you guessing. Har-Har-Har!

I will tell you though, that work has been stressing me out, my husband has been stressing me out, some other people who will remain nameless have been stressing me out, I've been very frustrated with not being able to get anything accomplished and now I've got a cold and I CAN'T TAKE ANY DRUGS! Which, yes you guessed it, is stressing me out. Jordan for the most part surprisingly hasn't stressed me out too bad lately. Remember when I wrote this post, well I've been working on keeping myself calm and talking to him in a calm voice and I've noticed a difference at how things turn out in the end. He's still having his outbursts, but instead of yelling back at him, I will either walk away from him and let him get over it, or I make a funny face at him, which usually only makes me laugh but oh well.

The poor kid had quite the weekend though. Saturday he had his first snowmobile ride. We took a trip from our house to our local snowmobile club with our friends and their kids, about a 15 mile trip. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the club, Jordan zonked out on my arm, which made it a little difficult to steer the sled, but it was so cute all the same. We had french fries and hot cocoa at the club and headed back, the shorter way. Jordan's exact words when we got home..."That was super fun momma!" Which totally made our day.
Sunday wasn't so fun though as Jordan woke up with a belly ache. After using the rest room he seemed to be fine and exclaimed he wanted juice. A little voice in my head told me not to give him juice, but I ignored that voice for some reason and gave in. An hour later as we were all snuggled back in bed watching cartoons, Jordan coughed on me and I felt a spray of something on my arm. I looked down to see grape juice splattered on me, so as careful as I could tried to move the blankets as to not get anything on them and not 2 seconds later Jordan looked me right in the eye and blaaaaahhhhhh! Straight out of his mouth, completely covering my white shirt and beige colored sheets was that grape juice I so totally shouldn't have given him. It was awful, and once I caught enough of a whiff of it, I knew I was going to be in trouble if I didn't get my shirt off and into the shower. Luckily Darric was actually home and helped clean things up while I cleaned myself up in the shower. Jordan didn't puke for the rest of the day, he was fine within 2 hours later and we were all laughing about it by the end of the day.

Hopefully he'll get all his sickness out of his system within the next 2 weeks because we're getting ready for vacation. Every year about this time we head to our condo in Island Falls, for lots of snowmobiling and lots of relaxation. This year I plan on doing more relaxing than snowmobiling, unfortunately it'll only be my legs that will get to feel the hot tub this year, but at least there's still the heated pool. We have been splitting the timeshare with my in-laws for the past 6 years and I always look forward to this week every year. It's nothing special, we play board games, eat good food, stay up late, sleep in, swim, sit around and chat and mostly just enjoy each other's company. It's a great week and makes me feel fortunate that I get along so well with my in-laws...well, most of the time. I hoping this vacation I'll come back to work feeling refreshed and hopefully not so stressed.

Well, I guess I've caught up on everything that I could huh? No? Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the squid growing in my belly. The squid that's been kicking at the laptop the whole time I've been writing this, how could I have possibly forgotten. I've been calling it a squid lately because I'm getting kicked in all directions possible. Although, someone called it an alien the other day and that could stick too. I feel we should call it something rather than it all the time, but because we're not finding out the sex we don't want to say he or she either and make some think that we know what we're having. And don't ask me what I think we're having either, but all I'm going to tell you is that we're having a baby. I have days when I think it's a boy, and then I have days when I think it's a girl. We'll just have to wait and see in June. I have to laugh when I hear from people "You're having a girl, I just know it." or "I've known for 8 years that you're having a boy." It's a baby, and as long as it's a healthy baby with all it's fingers and toes that's all that matters.
Here's a picture of the Buddha about 2 weeks ago, which is nothing compared to me now. It's amazing what 2 weeks can do, but I'll have to show you next time, I promise.
Jordan doesn't seem to notice that my belly is even growing. I know he realizes it and I'm constantly having to remind him that I'm not a jungle gym and be careful of the baby in my belly, but he seems to be like 'whatever.' He occasionally asks if it's kicking, but when I ask him if he wants to feel it he says no. A couple weeks ago, he did tell me though that he was going to get a big belly like mine and that's when I knew that I was showing.

There, I did it. I caught you up for the most part. I hope you didn't mind the complaining too much. I'm sorry for neglecting you for so long, now maybe that I've updated it'll be easier to keep up, we'll see.


Maine Mom said...

It sounds like you really need the vacation coming up!

You look great. :-)

Kelli said...

Next time, give him apple juice. =)

Anonymous said...

Great update! I've been thinking about you!

That vacation sounds fantastic. Being right near the snowmobile trail, Erick and I have a hankering to get a couple ourselves (but then I suppose that would mean getting a truck and trailer to haul them, so it'll be awhile before anything like that happens!)

Erick has a student in Guilford who wakes up at 5:30 every morning and snowmobiles up to Greenville and back. That sounds amazing to me...

Anyway, good to know what's going on! And that's a super belly you've got there! ;-) Have a great weekend!


Kristin.... said...

Oh that barfing bug. We had that at Thanksgiving. It was awesome (NOT).

I love the baby bump photos. Wish I had blogged when I was pregnant, at least with the twins.