Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's time for everyone's favorite game...Name the Baby.

One of my flaws is making decisions, another one of my flaws is procrastinating. And when it comes to a big decision like naming your child, a title they'll have to live with......forever, I tend to have an even harder time. I don't have much trust in myself I guess, and I have to get opinions from others before I make a decision on my own. Pathetic I know.

So here's your chance to share your opinion on my second child's life, that's if you're into the whole name game thing, and you know you are. And because we're 'one of those people' and we're deciding not to find out the sex of the child, I'm going to need boy and girl name ideas. let's start with GIRLS NAMES. We pretty much already have a girls name picked out, left over from if Jordan was a girl, but lately I've heard some other girl names that I could also hear myself saying over and over and over again. Some include Madison, Isabelle, and Addison. And let me also point out that I refuse to name my child after a fruit or a rock formation in outer space, also known as a star. So keep that in mind that even though my child may be as cute as a peach, I'm not going to name it that.

Now onto BOY NAMES. This is a little more difficult for us, because Darric and I can't seem to decide on anything for the child if it carries the Y chromosome. It seems like every name that I come up with for a boy Darric gives me a look as if he's eaten a sour lemon, and frankly I think I give him the same look when he gives me his boy name idea. There have been a few that haven't seemed so sour though.

Jackson (I thought of this one early on and I keep coming back to it. The only problem, my MIL has informed me that she hates it and states that if I name my child this she will call it something else. *sigh* I like the simplicity of the nickname Jack, but it's also my doctors name and I wouldn't want him to think I was naming the child after him.)

Hunter (Darric's choice and if you know him you know why, and I don't mind the name, but it doesn't fit with our last name.)

Dylan (Like it, but seems a little too common)

Bryce (This name got a "it's alright" from both of us)

Justin (Too trendy)

The top contender will be something that Darric and I both like, but I'm not expecting the same 'YES, THAT'S IT' that we had with Jordan. Although it may hit us when we least expect it, like maybe we'll find a necklace on the side of the road somewhere with the perfect name on it and we'll automatically know that that's it. Yeah, I doubt it though.

Whatever we do name it though I can't wait for he/she to be on the outside of my body. Although it is going by fast, it's not as fun. People tell me I look good and 'cute' but I tell ya, I feel everything but cute.


Kristin.... said...

Well of course I like Isabelle since I have one! I like Caroline, Gabrielle and Elizabeth.

Boys are hard: Cameron was our choice for our eldest if she were a boy. And I have an Andrew.

:) HAVE FUN! Go see Swistle; she'll help you!

Anonymous said...

I tried to get Jenna to name her daughter Isabella...but she opted for Casey...I think both are for boys...I have three already and boys names come very easy for me...I like Justin it also goes well with your last name.

Kelly Smith

Anonymous said...

If I were to have another child I would name a boy Jameison and a girl Savannah.
Good Luck...

Anonymous said...

I would change the "Isabelle" to "Isabella" For a boy, I love Kyle, but I have to , as that is my only grandchild's name.

Anonymous said...

John Everette is a good name.

Anonymous said...

hey there! being that im in the same situation as you (we are currently debating over noah or alexander), i certainly feel your pain. if we were to be expecting a girl it would have been isabella, mariah, or grace.... and as for boys names the others that i like & have suggested (but got shot down) were brodee, cameron, jackson, nolan, braden, and i know my mom liked dalton. good luck to you and keep in touch... we must compare stories soon!

xoxo ~ brandy lynn~*

Maine Mom said...

For girl names I like Jenna and Anna. For boy names I like Hunter and Jay. I think boy names are harder to come up with.

When are you due?