Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The countdown is on

First off I want to say Thanks to everyone who gave us wonderful baby names to choose from, I'm pretty sure we've picked our names, but in leau of making things more difficult for us I'm not going to share until the little munchkin is here.

The question I've been getting lately is of coarse "How are you feeling?" and the usual answer I've been giving is PREGNANT! But it's true and those who have been in my condition I'm sure know what I mean. Pregnant, and this far along usually means feeling fat, sore, tired, slow moving, the feeling of being kicked all the time, having heartburn all the time and anxious for it to be over with, yet freaked to go through the ending process. I find myself thinking a lot lately that I can't wait for this to be over with. I want to wear normal clothes again, I want to be able to bend over without the feeling of toppling over and I want to sleep on my stomach...oh do I miss that one. I don't want to make it sound like I hate being pregnant, because what could be a better experience then having a small human being growing inside of you. Knowing that everything that you do in your everyday life has an effect on this human being, what you eat, they eat, where you go, they go. This little person growing inside of me really only knows me, and when it comes into this world I will be the most important person in it's life, and this is more of a pleasure then I can ever imagine.

I've been thinking of that moment lately, the moment of when this little alien joins us and especially those minutes before. Jordan's birth story wasn't the most fun, so to speak. As much as Doctor Jack said I was doing a good job, we all know that if I had been doing a good job Jordan wouldn't have taken 3 hours of pushing then. I've been thinking that some might have been caused by too much epidural and I couldn't feel enough to push hard enough, if that makes sense. So, I'm hoping I don't wimp out this time and I can do it without the epidural. I've also heard that every pregnancy is different and it's usually easier with the second, so I've got my fingers crossed.

I've already gotten lots of predictions and the majority think I'm going 2 weeks early and it's going to be a boy. I should start a pool. As much as I'd love to go right now, let alone 2 weeks early, I won't mind going full term just so that we're that much more ready. Considering that they just really started on the addition, we're behind as it is. The walls of the foundation were poured today and the building contractors should be here next Monday to start. Darric says that once they get started it will be fast going from there, but I'm still optimistic. If we were rich I'd put my nesting to work and hire a lawn crew to fix our yard and put in flower gardens, I'd hire a decorator to do over the baby's room and Jordan's room, I'd build a deck and buy tons of deck furniture and I'd pay each one extra to get it done now. But we're not rich or even close so I try to close my eyes at the sight of my yard or at the fact that all the baby stuff still sits in the attic.

For the next 8 weeks I plan to spend my days preparing for baby #2 as much as I can, including getting a manicure, pedicure, haircut, wax....I mean cleaning out the rooms, getting the stuff down from the attic and cleaning them, moving furniture, packing a hospital bag, getting the car seat in the car and most importantly...enjoy being a mom of 1 while I still am.

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