Saturday, May 09, 2009

To My Mother...

This is to the very first person I ever met.
The person who gave me life.

You were there when I took my first steps.
Until those steps led me to be on my own.
You were there to pick me up,
when I had fallen,
or felt all alone.

The things you have taught me,
and still teach me today.
From riding a bike, to swimming the seas,
to driving a car,
and making a kick-ass grilled cheese.

You can make me laugh,
you can make me cry.
You can make me mad,
but we won't say why.

There are times when only you can understand my tears.
Only you can soothe my disappointment
and calm all my fears.
In your arms was always the right place,
you'd rub my back,
and trace my face.

Where I am now is where you have led me.
With your special love,
you showed me the way.
To believe in myself
and the decisions that I make.
To always show love,
and never feel hate.

No one else can be what you have been to me.
You've shown me what a mom should be,
and I hope that everything that you are,
will one day be seen in me.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

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Anonymous said...

That was very nice! Happy mothers day to you!!