Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hi, Remember Me?

OK so I'll admit it...

Having TWO kids is way more work than I expected. Having TWO kids takes way more out of me than I expected. Having TWO kids takes up more of my time, more than I expected. But...having TWO kids is more amazing, enjoyable and heartwarming more than I expected. It's double the smiles, double the snuggles, double the hugs and kisses, double the moments, double the heart flutters and double love. I could see how someone could go and have 10 kids. HA, YEAH RIGHT!

Since it's midnight and my eyes are getting heavy I'm going to make this short and sweet. Besides Grace, 2009 can go down in the books as being one of the suckiest years of my life. I had a pay 'cut' at work, had to take a furlough which put a hurtin' on our bills, which lead to bickering between Darric and I. I lost my grandfather and just a couple of weeks ago Darric lost his. So, we would just like to take 2009, put it in catapoult and launch it far, far away.

So, hello 2010! I'm baaaack!

I know I've got lots of housekeeping to do on the blog and I'll get to that later, as well as updating you on my kids who seem to keep growing and growing, until then though here's a video I threw together last fall. Enjoy!

Song: Smile by Uncle Kracker


Ellen Rust said...

Nice job on the video Sam - it made me smile :)

Love, Aunt Ellen

Maine Mom said...

I'm sorry 2009 was so crappy for you, except for having Grace. What a cutie! I hope 2010 is a better year for you and your family, and I hope we hear from you again soon.

I LOVED the video!