Monday, August 29, 2011

First Grader

This morning he woke up wearing his Toy Story pajamas and looking like a little boy. Then when he came out all dressed for school, he looked like a little man. I can't believe this day is here. I can't believe my little boy is a first grader.

I feel like this year is going to be the big change for our family. For the past 3 years he's been going to a private school in Bangor and it's felt more like a daycare then a school. He didn't take the bus, they ate their lunch in their classroom and his grandmother worked right there on the premises. He's now going to a new school where there's new teachers to meet, new friends to make, new schedule to create, and I feel like he's going to have to grow up a little bit, and I don't want him to grow up.

Last Thursday was an eye opener to the change that was coming our way. First I had to pick him up at his "old" school and watch him say Goodbye to all his friends. Emily must have hugged him 5 times, he hugged the girl he called his girlfriend at age 3, Breanna was her name and it seems like just yesterday they were walking around the playground holding hands (sappy, yet adorable I know). Another friend since the beginning, Wyatt, seemed quiet as we said Goodbye, he's definetly one that we'll remember always.

Then onto the teachers, who without them Jordan wouldn't know what he knows today and I think they have a hand in shaping who he will be as he grows. Mrs. Grindle, Ms. Susan and of coarse Ms. Darlene. These people aren't just teachers, they're not just there to watch the kids and collect their paycheck. They truly care about every single child. They give each of them equal attention and make them feel special. When your child is sick, they are concerned. When your child is unhappy, they do everything in their power to turn that around. I cannot say enough good about them all. And I know we'll always remember them.

So after that whole emotional roller coaster, dry the eyes and get the nerves geared up for the next. We walked into Jordan's new school, we walked proudly through the front doors, hand in hand and immediately met his new principal...and immediately someone turned into this shy kid. It was like he turned into a magnet and I was all metal. He stood behind me and wouldn't talk to Mr. Principal and started the whining card....*sigh*

Then we were off to his new classroom and to meet his teacher. I explained to him the whole way down the long hallway that he didn't need to be shy. These people were all going to be his friends and they're not going to hurt him. He didn't say much.

We walk into his classroom...BAMMM! Practically right up my butt he was. I looked like a dog chasing it's tail trying to talk some sense into him. Then I embarrassingly introduced myself and my attached child. He sort of warmed up as we left, but we left just a short time after getting there due to the fact that if we hadn't my arm was going to get ripped off..."Mom, I wanna go. Mom, I wanna gooooo. I wanna gooo now!"
We went from sad to excited to shy, which led to angry. No wonder I couldn't see straight. And then the worry set in for his pending first day.

His first day has now come and gone. He walked into his classroom and barely forgot to say bye to me. He didn't even notice that I was still peeking through the door 10 minutes later. He had his school supplies, his desk next to his buddy Ryan, he was good to go, unlike me. I kept wondering throughout the day why I had this terrible, heavy feeling in my chest. It wouldn't go away and I couldn't stop looking at the clock.

He arrived home with the biggest smile on his face. .
One day many more to come??

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