Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Birthday Party To Remember

For the last couple of years we've made it a family tradition to go to Lamoine Beach at least a couple times during the summer. We pack up our beach essentials, grab some Amatoes sandwiches on the way and spend the day making some great memories on the beach. We always have such a great time, we love it, the kids love it so we got thinking...let's invite others to have fun with us. Let's have a birthday party down here. We shared our idea with Jordan and he was all for it.

We were a little leery with the distance and the price of gas that we might not get a good turnout for the party, but we decided that no matter who was there we were going to have fun, gosh darn it.

The week prior I had done a lot of praying for good weather and for a good turn out. I also was concerned that what if somebody else had planned a party there the same day and there was no tables left for us. Well, we would cross that bridge when we got there.

We arrived an hour before the party started with our trailblazer crammed full of essentials, including a 6 foot sub sandwich and a beach themed cake, oh and 2 very excited kids. There were 2 tables calling our names when we got there, we parked and started unloading. An hour later the pirate table cloths lined the tables, chairs were circled around, a blanket for the kids was set up, games were waiting to be played and the guests were arriving.

I think I was just as excited as Jordan was when not one...not two...but three of his friends from school arrived. As each guest got there they got a pirate hat and skull necklace. Jordan did the introducing as I passed out the pre-made brown bag lunches that included PB&J sandwiches, chips and applesauce. To settle the kids down while they ate I brought along a book to read "The Circus Ship" (we didn't have any pirate themed books at home) but none the less only made it to page least they ate most of their lunch.

I gathered the kids all around to receive more pirate attire, only after each one gave me their best Arrrrrrr! Then I explained that I had found something that was left on our table when we arrived there. It was a rolled up piece of paper and they knew what it was...A TRESURE MAP! We studied it and then ventured out to where the map told us to go...X marks the spot. Ahoy there mateys, I think we've got ourselves a buried treasure! Arrrr.

We brought the treasure back to our picnic area where all the captain hooks got 10 gold deblaums, a skull whistle a compass and a glow stick.

Then we played an unpirated game "Musical Beach Towels" where Jordan got confused and thought that the one that didn't sit on a towel was the winner and he was the first one out, but that was OK, he was a good helper at starting/stopping the music.
Present time and cake time was next. This is when we noticed the beach area start to get crowded with guys in suits. There was suddenly a photo shoot going on for a wedding, must of been pre-wedding as the bride was no where to be seen. The groom got a hold of one of our pirate hats, and then someone got a great idea of giving all of them a hat and an eye patch for one of their group pictures. Then as we were getting the cake ready, all of a sudden the groom and groomsmen were surrounding our area singing to Jordan as well. Was this really happening, oh yes it was! I wish I had had enough cake for them as well, but it probably wouldn't have gone too good with their bud lights that every single one of them had as well. Soon after we had learned that they weren't only taking the pre-wedding pictures there, but the wedding was going to happen there as well. You would've thought that they would've reserved the area or had someone there early, but we moved some of our stuff over and they had plenty of space. Poor Darric had to miss all this action as he was at the bottom of the ocean gathering some more treasures. We strolled down to the water to cool off and wait for him to come up, and he soon did. With his bag full of goodies the people all swarmed around him to see what he'd got.
Some crabs (big & small), a lobster with babies which was very cool, couple of sea cucumbers, 2 starfish, a hermit crab and a partridge in a pear tree...I mean a sea urchin.

We hung out down by the water for a little while after that, as we watched the lovely couple wed. I still couldn't believe that this was happening. And after the very brief ceremony, the pictures began and I couldn't get Jordan to go over to get a picture with the bride and groom for a memory, but oh well.
Not sure if we're going to be able to top this birthday party next year, maybe if we plan it just right and find someone else who wants to get married at Lamoine beach we can have a repeat day. I'd go for that...again and again and again.

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