Monday, August 15, 2011

Live Free or DIE!!!!

When Jordan turned 2 we took him to Storyland in New Hampshire and he had a that Grace is 2 we figured it was only fair to take her as well, so we decided to make the weekend trip a birthday present for both of them.

We arrived around 9:00pm Friday night at our hotel or resort shall I say, and just to give them a plug Attatash Mountain Village Resort...if you're ever in the area, Stay. There! Awesome place and decent prices as well, we got a package price that included our Storyland tickets. Their amenities include Indoor & Outdoor pool/hot tub, game room, fitness center, tennis court, restaurant & lounge. We had what they call a 'studio' room which consisted of one open room with a full kitchen, dining area, living room with a bed that folded out of the wall and a couch that made into a bed. Sliding glass door out to a patio/deck, then a small hallway to another room with a full size bed, full bath and sliding glass door out to another patio/deck. My dad and his girlfriend went with us and it was perfect for everyone. They took the bedroom and we had the other room. The resort had different buildings that housed the different rooms in them. It was in a country setting so it felt very private. The outdoor pool area had a place where families could have a cookout and there was even a kiddie pool where Grace played for about an hour and I didn't have to worry quite as much about her because the water level was only up to her knees. We got pizza from the lounge, MattyB's I think it was called, and oh my gosh, yummo. So, there's my plug Attatash Mountain Village Resort, check 'em out.
Saturday morning we got up, made a quick stop at Dunkin and headed to Storyland. The sun was shinning and of coarse the parking lot was booming. Jordan said he couldn't remember going there 4 years prior, which I didn't think he would, so that was good.

We started with Humpty-Dumpty, which Jordan kept wondering when he was going to fall off the wall...

Not sure if Gracie knew what to think of the old lady who lived in a shoe...

1, 2 buckle my shoe...

Peter, peter, pumpkin eater...Mmmm, my favorite kind of pie.

Darric took the kids on the little swan boats...

After we rode aboard the pirate ships, Arrrrrrrg, Jordan wanted to go up to the castle on the hill. On our way up I told him that Cinderella was probably going to be up there..."The reeeaaal Cinderella?" he asked. As we rounded the corner there she was all dressed and looking ever so beautiful. Once Jordan spyed her he seemed to be in awe and couldn't take his eyes off her. I was rushing to get my camera out and then she stated that she had to go out to have her lunch and she started off down the hill with Jordan still with that Cindy Brady game show stare going on. Then the moment that I will never forget....Cinderella was almost out of sight and Jordan yelled out "Bye Cinderella." She not only returned the goodbye, but she waved and....blew him a kiss. When Jordan turned around he had his hand over his heart and that lovestruck look in his eyes. The only thing in my eyes were tears.... Tears of worry that I was in trouble with that one.

After lunch Jordan rode his first roller coaster. I was sure he was going to be a little skiddish, but I was, unfortunately wrong. My favorite ride that I was sure he would love...the log flume...he came off the ride crying hysterically. He said it was because his favorite shirt got wet....then a half hour later he was soaked after going on the water raft ride and playing in the water park. Kids.

We ended the day with an Antique Car ride and had treats while traveling to the exit aboard the train.

Sunday we woke up and took a hike behind the resort to the Saco River to take in some beautiful granite state scenery.

The kids were sound asleep when we got home late Sunday night, but I'm pretty sure by the feeling of the hugs that we received the next day that they enjoyed their weekend... as did we.
I think if we ever decide to leave our home state, we probably wouldn't go too far because we've now decided that our 2ND favorite state is New Hampshire.

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