Monday, June 24, 2013

A difficult day hopefully made easier

After my father in law passed away I knew, just from my grandfather passing away, that the first year is the hardest because of the first Christmas without him and the first Birthday without him and so on. And every day since my father in law passed away I have felt it to be my duty to try and ease my husband's pain, I knew I couldn't make the pain or the hurt go away, but I wanted to try to comfort him as much as I could. One of the 'firsts' that I know my husband was not looking forward to was Father's Day. It also made it hard because my father in law's birthday was just three days before father's day this year so it was a double whammy for the family.

Those that know my husband knows that he is an avid hunter and fisherman, as was his father and this was a pastime that they both enjoyed doing together. It had been a couple years since my husband had been deep sea fishing, it was one of his favorite things to do, and I knew a lot of their similar friends enjoyed it too. I thought what better present to give my husband for father's day and what better way to honor his father for father's day as well.

I started putting the bug in the family and friend's ears, called the fishing company and within a month and a half the boat was booked and paid for and I had 20 guys excited and honored that they were going to be a part of it. I was so excited I didn't want to wait for father's day to tell my husband.

When it was time to tell him though, I then had to figure out how I could tell him to get the kids to be involved and use my creativity to make it even more special.

Here's what I came up with:

He watched the video about 5 times before he really said anything. He said he knew it was going to feel different to be on the boat without his dad and I know he was holding back some tears.

We spent Father's Day the best way his dad would've wanted us to, together and fishing out of his boat.

The deep sea fishing trip the following weekend went great. They went out of Ogunquit, Me on The Bunny Clark, like they always have. The weather was great, nobody got sick and almost everyone came home with full coolers of Cod and even some Haddock.

A couple of the guys had mentioned to me a couple of weeks before the trip that it would be nice to do something to simbolize the trip as a memorial. So, I ordered a plaque with a picture and a saying on it.

All the guys signed it and before anybody dropped their lines the captain said a little something, then Darric said a little something and the plaque was tossed into the ocean. Darric said it was complete silence as everyone watched the plaque slowly sink to the bottom of the sea.

Before the boat docked at the end of the day the captain gave Darric the coordinates of where they tossed the plaque so that some day he can bring Jordan to that exact spot.

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