Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Grace

It was one of the hottest days of the summer so far, but we had tons of people about to show up for our girl's 4th birthday party.
Doc McStuffins was the theme, which is Grace's favorite Disney Channel show for the time being. So, I searched pinterest and pulled together some decorations, my own cake decorations and some games.
I couldn't find an outfit that matched Doc, but her color seemed to be purple so Grace dressed in her purple dress and I did her hair in 2 braids just like Doc.

I made mini-PB&J sandwiches, finger sandwiches, pasta salads, veggie platter, chip & dips, and a trifle.
I procrastinated with asking my cake lady to make a Doc McStuffin cake and had to buy one from Walmart instead. They didn't have a Doc McStuffin template so I just bought 2 small plain white cakes and some Doc McStuffin trinkets and decorated it myself.

For games I had the kids use a tongue depressor and transport a cotton ball from the starting point to a sand bucket. There were 2 teams (girls vs boys), and the girls won. It was entertaining to watch.

One of their party favors was a book of boo-boos that I made with little notebooks from the Dollar store. I was also able to get a picture of all the kids that attended and make it into a Dr. Badge for them and glued it onto their books. Also at the Dollar store I bought some headbands, foam stickers and made stethoscopes for each child. I had a doctor's bag filled with Lambie tails (mini marshmallows), bandaids and more tongue depressors.
For another game/activity I set up stations around the yard with stuffed animals and the kids picked a partner and did doctor calls and wrote down in their Book of Boo-Boos what they could come up with was wrong with the 'patient'.

I was even one of the patients, which made it more entertaining for them.

We rented a bounce house for the kids to have fun in too. Even the adults got some jumping in and my friend Kim made me laugh harder than ever when she fell into one of the sides and practically collapsed the whole thing.
Darric's Cousin Chris was up from Louisianna for a couple of weeks with his family and my best friend Kim was up from North Carolina for the week with her family. Chris & Kim are Gracie's Godparents and they've never been up at the same time, so it was a good opportunity to get some pictures with them with Gracie.
Kim and I  grew up together and are still very close friends, it was also a great opportunity to get a picture with us with our kids.
Then it was present time for the Birthday girl.
Look at those rosy red cheeks. She was so hot and tired at this point, I'm surprised she didn't fall asleep right there in that chair.

Grammy Goody got her a cute chair with an umbrella. She loved it.
Lots of clothes and hats. Some toys, lip gloss, pool toys, a new bathing suit. My girl made out well. Then Daddy brought out her 'BIG' gift..

Her and Jordan got mini-wheelers for their birthdays. We gave Jordan to him this day as well so that he didn't feel left out.
The rest of the afternoon consisted of a 4wheeler trail being created around my house.
 Even my butt got on the wheeler for a couple spins.

And there you have it, another successful birthday party for the books. 

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