Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Kiersten Michelle Senior Pictures

Oh Kiersten....Sweet, beautiful Kiersten.

Isn't it exciting just to think of all the years that lie ahead, the challenges that life will dare to ask, the people you will love and who will take away with them some of the beauty they find within your heart.

Be calm and at peace as you begin your flight - for you are strong enough and loved enough to make it, and to make it really great!
The gift of human greatness is so strong in you, so wonderfully beautifully deep and waiting inside of you and surely will blossom to fullness, soon as you become the you that always has been meant to be.
You are strong enough and you have love enough inside of you to be and to go on becoming great.

Make mistakes  ~  Make Time  ~  Dream Big  ~  Realize it has nothing to do with luck  ~  Give a damn 

Work hard  ~  Change what you can, accept what you cannot  ~  Laugh  ~  Make more mistakes

Dream Bigger  ~  Take Risks  ~  Take a Break  ~  Ask for help  ~  Dare to be wrong  ~  Love

Be honest  ~  Face your fears  ~  Push forward  ~  Learn more
You can do ANYTHING!!!

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Wendy said...

Oh WOW!!!! Great job Samantha, these are all AWESOME!!!!!!!