Friday, December 28, 2007

My Top 10 of 2007
Here are the Top Ten Things that happened in my life over the past year.

10. Forgetting Friends. The realization was know to me this year that sometimes you just have to let a friend go and live their life. After trying and trying to keep in touch with an old friend I've decided it may not be worth it. Sometimes it just felt more like a hassle than anything. I miss my old friend, and maybe someday, hopefully someday things will be different.

9. New Friends. Even though everyone goes through losing friends in their life, one way or another, we're always making new friends. My new friends this year include some new coworkers who I've become close with as well as some blog friends

8. Beginning a Blog. Speaking of blog friends, that's how I got the urge to start my own web log myself. I've been reading other mom blogs for awhile now and love hearing their stories. I'm hoping my blog only continues to get better in the year to come.

7. 7/7/07. It's only right that I use number 7 as our anniversary date. And although it wasn't our 7th anniversary it was one of the more memorable ones. I surprised Darric this year with a weekend away to Boston. Darric ended up having an allergy attack as we toured the streets of beantown and I ended the night all by myself at our hotel bar. Not a total washout though, we did get to visit Fenway Park, The New England Aquarium, The Prudential Building, Quincy Market, and many, many other shops.

6. Kidless. I couldn't imagine bringing an almost 2 year old into the streets of Boston, so with our anniversary weekend came our first overnight without the boy. Darric was sure I was going to call every hour, but I only called every other. And while it was nice to sleep in, sleep all night, only worry about ourselves, and eating whenever we wanted...I still had a lump in my throat evertime I called and thought about him the whole time.

5. Divorce. A couple people close to us got divorces this year. And although each one affected us differently there was one that was rather close to home. The 25 year marriage of my parents finally came to an end this year. And I say finally for a reason. There were some unsolved issues that needed to be worked out in court, and it seemed to drag out forever. This was at first hard for me, I honestly didn't know how to deal with it and at times I felt I needed to take sides, but soon learned that I was not going to take sides. They're both my parents and they both will always be my parents whether their together or not. Now that it's all said and done though, I think it was the best thing that could've ever happened to all the party's involved. I've never seen my mom or my dad happier. They both have done more now then they ever did when they were together. I'm happy with their current companions and I actually talk to my father more now then I ever have.

4. New Hampshire. For Jordan's 2nd Birthday we spent a weekend with my dad and Denise in New Hampshire. We went to Storyland, which he loved and also went to the top of Mt. Washington, a first for me. I will never forget entering a total different climate zone. While it was 50 degrees where we left from it was 32 degrees, sleeting and very, very cold ontop of the mountain.

3. Every Man Needs a Garage. For those who know my husband know that you can find him more often in his father's garage then at home. Well, this year we decided to start building our own. At the particular moment it's just a slab, come this spring the walls will go up. There was a bigger reason for this garage though, which brings us to number 2.

2. Hammonds General Contracting. I remember the day I called Darric's Cell phone and his voice mail answered "Thanks for Calling Hammonds General Contracting." Darric has always been a handy man and he's always working on everybody's stuff whether it be a snowmobile, 4-wheeler, boat or even a car/truck. So, we've now decided to attempt our own business. And with anything big like this comes stress. Now he's really never home, which is the biggest reason we're doing what I said in number 3.

1. Disk Fusion. My husband is only 27 years old, but his back is that of a 57 year old. Don't tell him I said that though. Last February Darric had back surgery. This was one of the most scariest times of my life. I had many sleepless nights as well as Darric did. I hated seeing my husband in so much pain. He was out of work for quite a while and for a person with anxiety it's not fun. If you saw him now though you'd never know he's had back surgery unless you see the 5 inch scar on his back. This has changed us and the way we live our life. Darric is still on tons of meds and some days are better then others depending on what he's done that day. He's back to his old self, but I still worry day to day.

Now it's an hour away from being 2008. This year I hope to lighten up a little, become my ol' positive self again, which I may have to make some difficult choices in order to do so. Jordan will be 3 this year, HOLY CRAP! Darric will be 28 and I'll be 29 and we will celebrate our 7th Anniversary. I hope the year ahead brings you all health and happiness. Now I'll end here with this quote from Lord Tennyson.
Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring, happy bells, across the snow: The year is going, let him go; Ring out the false, ring in the true.
Happy New Year!!!

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Leigh Anne said...

Hi Sammi. Just getting caught up on you blogging. I really enjoyed it. I had an awesome visit over New Years. I miss everyone like crazy. Take care of that little guy.