Wednesday, January 09, 2008

So Much To Do...So Little Time!!!

If these last two weeks have illustrated the way this year is going to be for me, then shoot me now. It's currently 12:45am, and here I am catching up on my internet stuff. I didn't even get to sit down tonight until 10:30. This has been a usual for me lately. Reason being, trying to catch myself up from christmas. Also, Darric has been trying to catch up on his stuff as well lately, so he hasn't been able to help out with putting Jordan to bed (which is a whole big process in itself). I believe my toddler has learned the act of changing his mind, or better yet he's learned how to stall. He uses Potty as a way to stay up longer, but then when we get in there and get to the part where we pull his pants down, he suddenly doesn't want to go potty anymore. He's learned to ask for a drink of water right before I turn out the light, a task I believe I used on my parents...sorry mom, sorry dad. And back to him changing his mind all the time...For breakfast he wants oatmeal, then he wants toast, no he wants oatmeal. He wants to watch curious george, 2 seconds later he wants to watch mickey mouse, 1 second after that he wants to watch Bob Buildah. And Jordan has turned into Mr. Independant! "Jordan do it," is what he says to everything. And this makes for long mornings, especially when you're running late for work and if you don't let "Jordan do it." All hell brakes loose and the tantrum begins.

I should've known this was going to be a crazy year. The first month isn't even halfway over and my list of things to do is adding up:
1. Plan 50th Anniversary Party for Grandparents
2. Make a video for 50th Anniversary party
(This entails, interviews, gathering info & pictures & editing)
3. Edit Wedding Video from a wedding shot last June, hopefully I'll have it to them by their 1st Anniversary.
4. Make an Animation (This is a side job of my own. This entails me finding an animation program and learning it.)
5. And So on...

And this is just personal work I've got for myself, this doesn't include real work. I actually planned on getting a lot of this done this month because usually the month of January at work is slow, but so far this week I've edited 3 spots and it's only wednesday and I'm suppose to get another 2 done by Friday. You see why I'd like to be shot now.

Changing the subject a little bit now. I want your opinion...Am I boring you or what? Is my blog interesting to you? I'm not sure who exactly is reading my blog. I've gotten a couple of comments and Thank you to those who have commented, but I'd like to know for sure. If you've got some tips for me, please share. I want to be entertaining, I want to keep you coming back. So, ifn ya would let me know am I a blogger at heart or does my blog seem a little tart.
"Hee-Hee, I came up with that one on my own."


denikay57 said...

Your Dad and I read your blog and we enjoy it. I believe he checks it everyday. We find it very interesting. Honestly, I don't know how you do it all. You're doing a great job. Talk to you soon.

Leigh Anne said...

I do enjoy reading it. I to am always busy so I know how you feel, other than dealing with a toddler. My cat doesnt really give me much trouble. Make sure you take some time for yourself. Get your nails done or just sit and relax.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading your blog, but you could include more anecdotes about your work. I'm sure it's fascinating. I bet you work with some awesome dudes!