Monday, December 10, 2007

'Tis The Season For...
Taking Family Christmas pictures of coarse. So, the other day I ended my post stating I was going to go out in the snow with Jordan & Bubba to attempt to get a picture for the christmas card. Order of events went a little somin' like 'dis.
After spending a half hour getting fully clothed with 2 pairs of socks on each of us. Going through the routines of 'Jordan do it' when it came to zipping up, and of coarse putting on the hat. Which, (I know for a fact that he gets this from his father) the hat has to be just right. We finally get outside. Jordan played with Bubba for a total of 2 seconds and then I had had enough of trying to get a picture of the two of them while holding onto Bubba's run so that he didn't tangle Jordan up in it. Picture this if you would.
Plan 2-Maybe I'll get a cute enough picture of just Jordan. So, I got way up on a snowbank, sunk into the snow up to my thigh, and then Jordan ran to the front of the house. As I struggled to get out of snowbank, almost losing my boot in the process, he then decided to come back to this snowbank. Urg! An idea popped into my head at this point as Jordan stood in front of the sunshine and threw snow at me. Here's what I got.

And here's the close up version:

Then I just followed him around the yard and got a couple more snaps...

But, after it was all said and done we decided none of them were christmas-cardy.
Plan 3-Before heading out shopping with some friends we had them snap a couple family pictures of us out front.
Plan 4-This is a safety incase I liked this better than plan 3. Invited our friends for supper and after had them take another family snapshot infront of the tree. 2 hours later, after changing 2 lightbulbs so that we could backlight, the changing into holiday gear, the changing of positions, being covered in dog hair and going through a couple of toddler crying fits we had one that was passable.

Notice who actually has the smiles in this picture. Bubba & Darric were so not ammused, infact here's Darric after attempt 5,830,539.
The winning picture is in the mail so I'll be lookin forward to your feedback once you've received yours. And for those who are unfortunetely not on our mailing list stay tuned, I'll post the results closer to chrismas when I know everyone has received theirs.
On another note, since it is the season. We watched Rudolph last week and someone asked me something that I can't figure out that's been driving me crazy? What's wrong with the doll? Why is she at the island of Misfits. What's wrong with her. I'm trying to replay the song in my head, but I'm stumped. Please help!

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